Thursday, 30 April 2015

Innovation Speed Date

This week I attended an Innovation Speed Date.

The ideas is that a number of suppliers (in our case, nine) present to delegates in a close format of just a few people at a time. I really liked this as I felt that the sales people were more honest. The experience was more 'intimate' and involving as you could ask questions and really engage with the supplier.

I saw nine suppliers. As I was planning to find out a bit more about a few of them I thought I'd list them here.

Thinking with Marbles
Physical apparatus to develop programming skills

An easy way to organise and communicate school trips

A self-awareness program for teachers and pupils

Robotics equipment and software

VII Networks
Audio/visual equipment

A school management information system

Show My Homework
A way to share homework with parents and carers

Playground equipment suppliers

ICT solutions

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Train pupils to hand out papers

A well-argued point that I found on Twitter.