Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week 11: List some of your favourite bloggers

I have around forty blogs that I read regularly. These are my three favourite bloggers:

Chris Leach
I love Chris' passion for ICT and for making it exciting for every child. He shares ideas and organises some really innovative projects like #RethinkingICT and Boo Humbug. His blog is always worth reading and I've borrowed a few of his ideas to use with my own class.

Ian Addison
Ian shares many of his ideas about ICT and I particularly like the way his blog is geared towards ICT subject leadership. After reading about his experiences with Google Apps for Education it got me thinking about exploring the possibility about introducing this in my own school. Definitely worth a read if you are an ICT subject leader.

Simon Haughton
How I would love to be a pupil in Simon's ICT classroom! He regularly shares thoughts, ideas and resources all of which could easily be adopted and used in any primary classroom. He is an inspiration to anyone who teaches ICT! Check out the resources he has shared at his site.

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